Saturday, February 5, 2011

You might be a network guy if:

You might be an Network Guy If

you know more ip addresses than phone numbers

You regularly mock TV shows for using technology that isn't part of the feature set available on the devices they have

You correct people who mix up Megabytes and Megabits

You waited eagerly for wireless N to be approved officially.

You can explain everything in your life using 7 layers

You tell people not to use TKIP because of it's security flaw

You think people should be able to do without DNS for a day, just use IP addresses...

You follow your wife around shopping retail stores and spend your time skimming the ceilings for their APs and mapping out a heat map of the store in your head

you know what TCP/IP stands for, not to mention DNS, HTTP, SNMP, BGP, OSPF, WPA, and DHCP - Sometimes you wonder if you know more acronyms than words

You've known what IPv6 was for years

cmd, telnet, and ssh are useful everyday tools, not just black boxes

Linus Torvalds comes up in everyday conversation

You know jokes about DHCP and LSAs

You cringe when you have to use a Gui to configure a switch or router

Your Amazon wish list consists of routers and ASA firewalls

Dealing with Tier 1 tech support makes you pull your hair out.

You have read the NSA's security best practices

The routing protocol in your house changes daily depending on what you have been reading

You know what a nibble is

You know what 1000 Terabytes is called

You can intelligently discuss how Egypt shut off their Internet to the country

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